Vaping; Dangerous Yet Accessible

Vape Pens have become so cheap and accessible, that students from GP have been seen with them on campus.


Different styles of Vape Pens Photos taken by lindsayfox of Pixabay

Ciara Fortier, Staff Writer

Students have the impression that vaping  is not as bad for you as a cigarette, but they are wrong. Vape pens are much worse for you. According to Daily Vaping, a person can get sick a lot easier, with possible side effects like dizziness, nosebleeds, bleeding gums, itchiness, insomnia, dry mouth, eyes, and skin issues. Not to mention that these vape pens can and have been known to explode randomly. According to WIRED and CBS Boston, there were many cases of teens and adults losing almost half their teeth, having severe burns, and breaking bones from their vape pens suddenly exploding.

What is worse about these vape pens, is that they have become so easy to get, especially for teens. There are multiple websites, like, that are selling vape pens for $13.00 – $20.00 and refills are only $10.00 or less. The popularity of these vape pens are increasing, students from GP have been seen vaping on school property. One student spotted was vaping ‘secretly’ in class. “She told the teacher that it was a battery bank for her phone and that she needed to get it charged. She then proceeded to drink two energy drinks followed by taking a puff from her ‘battery pack.’ However, during the  time that she was taking the puff, the teacher was walking around at the time, so she had to hold it in,” the source said.

Vape pens don’t smell like your typical cigarette or put off smoke, so they are more difficult to detect in class.

These vape pens come in many styles, in a stick, a phone like holder, and ones that look like cigarettes. The same witness describes what the pen that the student was using in class looked like, “A long USB Drive, it was black with a silver top.” These vape pens are getting to easy to get a hold of and are becoming easier to hide from teachers and parents. Especially with them looking just like school supplies.