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Glacier Peak is discontinuing film photography for certain reasons.

Some film photography materials.

Some film photography materials.

Blake Beltran

Blake Beltran

Some film photography materials.

Blake Beltran, Staff Writer

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As our school comes to it’s tenth year anniversary, we look back and see everything that’s changed through the years.  As we’ve grown, we sacrifice things that make us special as well. Glacier Peak is no longer continuing the course of film photography at the end of this year. With a bigger understanding of film photography, Digital Arts teacher, Christa Mallory, has given insight as to why this is occurring.

Film photography does include a lot of materials to make possible which is costly, making expenses one of the bigger reasons for the removal of film photography.

“They wanted to ditch it about five years ago because it’s so expensive. The materials are expensive and it’s becoming so much more of an obsolete thing to find because fewer and fewer companies are selling the materials nowadays,” Mallory said.

For the more technical reasons, there is a department in which film photography would lie in, which includes Computer Graphics, Digital Arts, CADD. These make solid foundations for a future occupation relating to one of these subjects.

“It’s not actually in-line with the Career and Technical Education curriculum anymore. You’re not actually going to get a job in [film photography],” Mallory said.

It’s not a popular elective to offer at many schools, but Snohomish High School did provide students with the choice of taking film photography and got rid of it just last year due to similar motives. Although it’s something that many students enjoy partaking in, there are benefits to removing it as well.

“I have mixed feelings. I think it will be interesting to see how that space becomes a workable studio space with backdrops and lighting. It will make our digital photography a lot stronger especially our black and white photos,” Mallory said.

As Glacier Peak turns a new leaf and creates a new mile stone, we will have more opportunities to strive towards a successful future step by step.

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