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Finals Tips and Ticks

Morgan Raymond opening her Quizlet app.

Morgan Raymond opening her Quizlet app.

Lilian Bock

Lilian Bock

Morgan Raymond opening her Quizlet app.

Lilian Bock, Staff Writer

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We all know that stressful, gallons of coffee and red bull consumed, and no time to sleep week coming up that we like to call finals week. Throughout my high school years, I’ve learned what strategies work and those that don’t. I’m going to list off some helpful ones that could help anyone.

  1. Create your own study guide
  2. Start preparing/studying early
  3. Take enough breaks
  4. Color code your notes and make it with colors than pencil or black pen
  5. Eat brain foods

You’ll get better results on your finals the more you practice for the test. But every year it’ll be easier to use the strategies that you know work for you. Generic advice is to start your studying early. I can’t express it enough because if you don’t, it’ll snowball into a disaster. Nothing will stick in your memory because it’s last minute. You won’t get enough sleep because your using all the time you have to study, and lastly, you’ll need energy to even take the test, so get caffeine which is a stimulate drug that effects your brain directly and it could help with your memory; but everyone’s mind is different and does the opposite. I interviewed senior Randi Hadden, who is very on top of her grades and told me some good advice.

“Quizlet is my best friend for studying for finals in all my classes because I have the app and I can study whenever I have a second. I highly recommend making flashcards and making fun little quizzes,” Hadden said.

On your breaks, there’s a couple things you can do if your stressed. Exercise is one of the healthiest ways to blow off steam and it can be a quick 15 min run to a calming yoga session. You can also do breathing exercises after your workout or do it on its own.




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  1. Erica Lane on January 26th, 2018 11:01 am

    Super good tips, this is awesome! I agree, I like to exercise when I am stressed.


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