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McKenna Murphy, Staff

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“The house we stayed at in Cle Elum is one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been,” senior Davin Lee said. Over the weekend of January 12, Glacier Peak and Snohomish High Schools took a weekend trip to a snowy area three hours east.
The trip was for the students involved in Discipleship, one of YoungLife’s programs. Discipleship is made for students who went to the Discipleship camp, and want to grow deeper in their faith with God. The students meet once a month at a leaders house, and read different books together on how to grow together and individually. They sing songs, play games, talk, eat food, and do other activities to grow together.

“When we went to Cle Elum, I was expecting it to not be as gorgeous as it actually was. The house was so big and so pretty. We did a lot fun stuff there. Like, one time we played hide and seek. That was honestly probably my favorite part. Cameron Albriktsen found me, even though I had a really good hiding spot. Even though hide and seek is a kids game it was still so hilarious to be playing it as high schoolers,” Junior Emily Foley said.

Foley also talked about how nice it was to be able to get to know everyone. “I didn’t know a lot of the people from Snohomish before I went there this weekend. Now, I’m really close to them and I feel like we’re all friends,” she said.

Senior Davin Lee also said his feelings towards the trip. “It was so amazing being able to grow deeper in my faith with other people right besides me. I wish everyone got to experience something like this,” he said. Lee said his favorite part of the trip was going ice skating with everyone, and falling down a few times along the way.

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