5 Things To Do On Valentines Day If You’re Single


Claire Dayton

Erica Lane upset about being single on Valentine’s Day.

Claire Dayton, Editor

 1. Celebrate Galentines Day

This one is geared more towards the single ladies of this world. One fun thing to do is get a few girlfriends together, cozy up in pajamas, buy a few tubs of your favorite icecream, and watch a chick flick. Another fun option is to get dressed up and spend a night on the town.

2.Go To A Movie With All Your Single Friends

Gather all of your friends who are currently single and go to a movie! It doesn’t have to be a romance movie just because it’s Valentine’s Day. It might be fun to take your mind off of it, by watching a horror or action movie.

3.Go Have Dinner With Your Family

If Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the people you love, if you love your family, why not spend some time with them? Although many people think that this day should be dedicated to your special someone, show your family some love by having a nice home cooked meal or order in from a local restaurant!

4.Babysit For Parents Who’d Like To Celebrate

What a kind thing to do for people who are married. Although you may not have a significant other, parents may want to go out but have no one to watch their children. Plus, you get paid!

5.Order In

Although most of these activities require you to interact with other people, it might be fun to have a night by yourself. Ordering some Thai food, Chinese food, even McDonald’s- could be a relaxing way to treat yourself. Turn on a movie, then go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep.