How to Earn Money as a Teen


One of the apps you can sell on called Mercari.

Elizabeth Schwartzhoff, Staff Writer

As a teen, it can be hard to get a job. Money makes the world go round but there never seems to be enough of it. A lot of jobs these days require you to either be 16 or older but sometimes it can be 18 or older which most of us aren’t until senior year. Here are some easy ways to make some extra cash.

  1. Instagram Closets

Lately, these have become a trend around social media, it is where you put clothes you do not use anymore. This is very effective because you can sell them to people who go to your school instead of having to mail it and pay the shipping cost or have apps take out the selling fee.

2. Apps where you can sell stuff

These days there are multiple apps that you can sell whatever you want such as Poshmark, Mercari, etc. the only downfall is you will not make the full amount that you sell it for because they must make money somehow so there is a selling fee.

3. Get a job

This is probably the most logical one, but it isn’t always easy especially if you are under 16 or even under 18. There are a few places you can get a job at 15 such as Dairy Queen but it would be better to stick to more simpler jobs until of age.

4. Babysitting/Pet sitting

Babysitting/pet sitting is a super effective way to get cash because most people pay $10-20, you could even get more for pet sitting because people love their pets and want the best care. Although it may mess with your social life, you can get a lot of money plus babysitting/pet sitting is very easy if you like kids or animals.

5. Dog Walking

If you are a dog lover then this could be perfect, dog walking is easy, and you get exercise as well. Especially with spring and summer approaching, having some extra cash is always a good thing.