Preparing for the ACT


Enid Gonzalez, Staff Writer

The ACT for juniors will be on April 24 this year. Many juniors are already worried and stressed out about how they will do on the test. For many of you, you probably remember bubbling your information, before spring break.

Unlike last year, the ACT is free for juniors this year which is a great deal considering the fact that the regular price to take the ACT is about $70. However, the seniors still have to pay.

There is many people that are already preparing for the ACT

“I have been studying for a while now and i’m sure I will do great” Brooke Dolleman said.

And some students did not even know about the ACT

“I actually had no idea that the ACT was going on until my teachers informed me about 2 weeks before ACT bubbling in English class. I’m not prepared at all, ill have study within the next couple weeks” Jordan Handshy said.

Although testing can bring a lot of stress into students lives, there are a lot of effective ways to help you reduce stress.

A great thing to do is making a schedule of what you’re going to study each day, that way you won’t have to cram everything into your head the night before and you will also feel more confident the day of the ACT.

An obvious, yet, sometimes hard thing to do is get enough sleep. You may be studying for the ACT the night before the test or you may be playing Fortnite… whatever it is that you’re doing make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep, that way you won’t be tired the next morning and sleeping can help you recall stuff you studied the night before.

Make sure to prepare for the ACT but try to not stress yourself out too much. Make a little bit of time for yourself everyday to do something you enjoy or to spend time with your loved ones, that way you can process all of the information you studied.