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Snapchat’s at it Again

A phone with the Snapchat logo on it.

A phone with the Snapchat logo on it.

A phone with the Snapchat logo on it.

Aidan Simpson, Staff Writer

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In recent months, popular social media app Snapchat has made some terrible mistakes regarding their newest updates. The latest major update to the app seemed to be a substantial downgrade as it completely modified their user interface (UI) and changed how certain actions were done and accessed. This change not only complicated their already complex system, making it less intuitive to newcomers, but it also completely alienated the Snapchat veterans. Recently, Snapchat unveiled their plan of redesigning their redesign to, hopefully, make the UI simpler and easier to understand for newbies and old users alike.  

Currently, the new update seems to be reversing their previous mistakes, on the current Discover page a few users see a test that shows Stories from their friends, celebrities they follow, and other “influencers.” It is currently unknown how to get this new test page, but it should be rolled out to the public within the next few months. 

Snapchat is also rolling out some completely new features for the upcoming summer break that is just around the corner.

On April 25 SNAP Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, posted on their news site that they would introduce Snappables, a new way of interacting with your friends through new Lenses allowing the user to play games with Augmented Reality (AR.) Snapchat also released a promotional video onto their youtube channel showing actors making funny faces in public using this new feature. Some of the games include a DJ rhythm game, a game where the user tests how many times they can raise their eyebrows in a certain amount of time, and a game where the player attempts to blow the perfect gum bubble, all using the familiar, but seemingly enhanced, filters.

SNAP Inc. showcased another item, this one being a set of glasses.

The glasses, now dubbed the Spectacles, are a separate product that was showcased on the Snap Inc. news sight on April 26. These glasses have a built-in camera that can take video and send it directly to your phone with the press of a button. They released another promotional video showing the Spectacles in action.

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