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Q & A with Freja Jorgenson

Galatia Vogtsberger, Staff Writer

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Which play, or musical was your favorite?

My favorite show, I think, would have to be Adams Family just because it was my first one, my freshmen year and it had a great cohesive feeling and my brother was in it too so that was fun. We got to talk a lot about family and those kind of motifs and stuff and I really enjoyed that.

What will you miss the most?

What won’t I miss! I love the feeling of getting ready in the makeup room, the lights on and it just feels so warm and there are all this people that I love around me and music playing. It’s kinda like a party in there. It’s a lot of fun. I’ll miss the costumes. I’ll miss the feeling of waiting behind the curtains when you can hear the orchestra playing and you have butterflies in your stomach and you feel like your going to throw up but then the second you step on its just electric.

After you finish high school, do you know if theater has impacted your decisions in anyway?

Oh yeah, theater has definitely impacted my life. I’m going to BYU Provo, and I’m going to study a combination of English literature and theatre and I think it would be great to come back here and teach. I love that. But definitely going to pursue theater in my life.

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