Senior’s Last Spirit Week


Maggie Borland

A poster advertising Tuesday’s spirit theme

Maggie Borland , Staff Writer

As spirit week comes to a close, underclassmen are already planning the outfits for Homecoming week and seniors are nostalgic as this is the last dress up days.

Senior Hannah Fadden thinks the seniors leave a legacy on style for the underclassman. “I had a hard time dressing up this week. [My last spirit week] is kind-of sad because you’ll probably not have them in college, but it’s fun to show the underclassman how we do spirit and stuff,” Fadden said.

Since seniors came started here in 2014, they have participated in eight spirit weeks, one for homecoming and one in the spring each year.

Some seniors, like Isabelle Ivankovich, aren’t sad about their final spirit week.  “I’m not really sad that’s it my last one because I got to go out with a bang. I got to dress up as my favorite villain, Uma from Descendants 2, and I know that there is a lot of exciting things to come, so I’m glad we got to go out in the spring for our last spirit week,” she said.

The spirit themes were: Preppy vs. ‘I Woke Up Like This’, Superhero vs. Super Villain, Mathlete vs. Athlete, Kindergarten vs. College and Crazy Blue vs. Crazy White. It was the first spirit week in a while were the theme was “vs” instead of everyone dressing up for the same theme.

As I walked the halls this week, I saw tons of people from all different grades going all out for the different themes. So, even though the seniors are leaving, the underclassman have certainly learned how to celebrate spirit week at GP.