Sophomores verses Finals

Two sophomores give experienced answers to some questions about finals for incoming freshmen next year.


Tia Vogtsberger, Staff Writer

As the end of the year is drawing near, everyone is ecstatic for the end of the year. But first, finals. Lots of people are taking more than 3 finals.

“I’m taking a final for AP world history, geometry, biology, and French. I’m mostly stressed about the final for APWH because it covers an entire textbook of information and my final depends on what I get on the test,” Sadie Botuchis said.

Some still are taking six finals for their six classes like Nollele McGinley.”I am taking a math, science, English, advanced foods and catering, international food, and coaching referring final. I am stressed out about my core class finals because you never know what to expect but with the electives you are preparing for your final because that’s what you have been doing all semester long,” Noelle McGinley said.

How do students deal with this huge amount of stress while trying to study for everything? Sophomore Sadie Botuchis said she lessens her stress in a couple ways.  “I hope to get a head start on my studying and give myself more time instead of procrastinating until the day before the test. I’m also going to try to make the most out of school instead of obsessing over finals.”

“I know it sounds stupid, but I lessen my stress by going outside and listen to my music and study. I can really connect with the energy outside and interpret that into my study sessions. It works really well, and it helps with dealing with stress,” Noelle McGinley said.

Thinking about being outside and summer reminds someone of what happens after summer. New high school with new freshmen, who have never taken hardcore finals like these.

“Freshmen need time management skills, they are actually super important. Take advantage of your free time and Grizzly Period but don’t spend all your time studying. Also relax. The world will not end if you don’t get a perfect score. Take a deep breath and enjoy freshman year,” Sadie Botuchis said.

“For incoming freshmen. Don’t stress, it’s your freshman year. Yes, finals are finals and you will always stress, and colleges really start to look at grades, but freshmen year is supposed to be your learning year and it is supposed to be that year that is the easiest. Don’t stress too much about finals but don’t underestimate the time it will take to prepare and ace your finals. Also, have fun. It’s you first year of high school,” Noelle McGinley said.

As finals are being passed and failed (but hopefully not), students are preparing for the relaxation of the rest of the year and enjoy their classes and friends.