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The End is near!

Alex Ropka, Staff Writer

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Graduation is only a month from now, and Prom already a distant memory. It’s starting to feel surreal walking through the halls knowing that these are our last couple of weeks together. Senioritis has affected a vast majority of the senior population, coming to school has been a struggle. But, there has also been a pressure on seniors to get assignments turned in on time, attendance checked off, and relationships locked down or dealt with before the year’s end.

Reality is really starting to set in for some seniors. It’s crazy to think that these people that we’ve grown up with for the past twelve years are all spreading out around the country next year. “It’s bittersweet. I’m happy to graduate, but I know that I’m going to be a mess and I’m going to miss seeing all the faces in the hall,” senior Jesse Campbell said.

It does feel bittersweet. I feel like a lot of seniors have the same mentality, in that we don’t have that much time together. We only have three weeks left together, and the past three months have flown by! I feel it is our duty as seniors to make as many good memories together as possible, to not waste our youthful days away thinking about the future, and rather live in the moment. Right here, right now.

Some people get so caught up in preparing for college or whatever they’re doing next year, and completely forget to enjoy these final moments. At this age in our lives we have a lot of moments where we think “I’ll remember this for the rest of my life.” I think it’s important to cherish those moments.

Last week, seniors received their caps and gowns for graduation. I think it’s the universe giving us a sign telling us that the end is near. And we need to live it up as soon as possible. Make every day count, don’t sweat the little things, cherish relationships, and make as many memories as humanely possible.

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