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Planning A Summer Road Trip

Kimberly Freitas, Staff Writer

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Summer is only a couple weeks away and honestly, we’re more than ready for school to end.

We’re all starting to think about future camping trips, future Seattle day trips, and concerts. With the all-nighters studying for tests, and mornings of studying for Parker quizzes, most of us are pretty done with school. I would say that most of us would like to finally having time for all-nighters spent with friends instead of homework.

Since we are all so good at planning ahead, here’s little guide to plan for your future road trips.

Bring a Real Map

Always bring a road map. Even with a GPS in your car or phone, having a paper map is insurance against lost (paper doesn’t lose power). Planning for every possible situation in traveling is essential, like planning for your car to break down or for your phone to die.

Plan Your Route and Stops

Sorting out your choice of roads and inns saves time and stress in your trip (obviously). I recommend using the Roadtrippers app that lets you pinpoint places to stay, lunch stops, and entertainment destinations.

…Yet Keep Your Plans Loose

Planning is important, but so is being okay with spontaneity. Road trips are technically meant for exploring, so sticking to a strict schedule the whole time is a little lame. And, no matter how you plan, you should expect things to go differently.

Plan a Budget

Driving somewhere can cost you less money than flying there, but it comes with sneaky money blowing. Try to think about how much you’ll be paying for in food, lodging, and souvenirs.

Pack Light 

If you’re like me, you quite literally pack a million things and clothes you don’t need. If you’re going on a long trip, try to stick to a duffle bag and the essentials. rolling up your clothing for storage works, and it turns out to be the best way in terms of saving room in your bag.

Bring Snacks

Last, but most definitely not least, bring your favorite snacks. If you end up breaking down in the middle of nowhere, you’re not going to want to add starvation to your list of things to worry about.





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