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Junior “TP” Night

Brooke Dolleman, Staff Writer

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Every Spring the Junior girls’ sacrifice a whole night’s sleep and invest their money into hundreds of rolls of toilet paper to “TP” the Junior boys.

Toilet papering (also called TP-ing, House Wrapping or Yard Rolling) is covering an object, usually houses and cars with toilet paper. You usually throw numerous toilet paper rolls in such a way that they unroll in midair and thus fall on the targeted object in multiple streams to cover someone’s property in long rolls of absorbent paper.

The tradition is for the girls to meet at “The Rock” outside Glacier Peak between 11p.m.-Midnight to mingle and spray paint the rock together. This year the rock was spray painted to say “Junior Bitties”. This year also a few unknown boys (most likely Junior boys) crashed the spraying and threw a few water balloons at the Juniors and sped off in a truck, leaving some of the girls soaked and angry.

After meeting at the rock, all the separate groups disband into their cars with backseats filled with toilet paper to start the TP’ing. Usually, between 5-10 houses are hit in a group, and groups are usually 8-10 girls. Groups are individualized by their customized shirts that usually say a pun or catch phrase that involve toilet paper on the front, and the last names of the boy’s they plan on hitting on the back. Some shirts this year said “Sh*t Happens”, “Chuck Paper Get Money” “Playing Dirty is how we Roll” “Junior TP night was a super fun experience, I got to stay up with my best friends just driving around and singing along to songs and trying not to get caught, but we did once,” Ashley Jacobson said.

The TP’ing does not end after this one night though, the boys get a chance to strike back. “Revenge Night” typically happens the night right after the girl’s hit. This year revenge night fell on Saturday morning which was unlucky because SAT testing was also on Saturday.

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