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What to Look Forward to

Cole Eydt, Staff Writer

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As the seniors celebrate their graduation ceremony today at the Angel of the Winds Arena, the underclassmen are left with a full week of school. While it may seem as though we have one week ahead before summer starts and we get a three month break, there’s a lot going on this upcoming week that we get to look forward to, or fear…

Tomorrow, on Tuesday, Glacier Peak will have their last Grizzly Period before summer takes off. So when you head into your second period class, or any other class, make sure you get in your last minute help before any finals. Or make sure you have a good conversation with a friend for 20 minutes before summer takes off, get your yearbook signed by a teacher whose class you loved.

On Wednesday and Thursday, make sure to get a lot of sleep beforehand, because you’ll be taking your last finals this school year before you get to tell the class below you how much that final is gonna rip them apart. If you are studying last minute for any finals, go on YouTube and search “24/7 studying music” and listen to some tunes as you try to teach yourself stoichiometry for your Chemistry final that I’m sure you’ll pass. Just make sure you know all the chemical reactions too. If you’re studying last minute for your math final that you know you’ll fail, ask a friend who knows how to do it. When you come in to school on final days, remember there’s tutorial period, so go ask for help from a teacher too.

On Friday, we will celebrate our last “Hi-Five Friday” so make sure you give Mr. Larson enough hi-fives to last him all summer (which is about 12 weeks long, so 12 hi-fives…). Then on Monday we will celebrate with our final pep-assembly, a parade from Little Cedars Elementary, and most importantly, transition our seats at the assembly. Then we will celebrate summer!

There’s lots to look forward to this week and I hope you have an awesome summer.

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