Fun Ways to Stay Connected to Your Significant OtherDuring Covid-19


Abigail Schaefer, Yearbook Staff

Its hard right now to feel connected with your significant other during these times. Many couples are not allowed to see each other and talk in person. However, when you’re feeling down and missing them these are some fun date ideas to stay connected, happy, healthy and 6 feet apart.

1. Facetime and a dinner date

This date starts with each one of you ordering a surprise meal that you think your spouse would love from Uber Eats or Doordash, (try to pick local small business if you can) and sending it your partners house. Then once both of your dinners arrive eat them on Facetime with each other having a virtual dinner date!

2. Share a sunset

Each of you take a walk around the neighborhood and find a place with a nice view where you can watch the sunset. Call your significant other and talk on the phone while enjoying the sunset. It’s almost as good as watching together in person.

3. Read the same book and watch a movie together

Pick a book (that’s been made into a movie) you both think you while enjoy and read a chapter each day. Discuss the chapter later in the day. It’s a nice distraction from the epidemic and lasts over long time. In the end watch the movie at the same time and compare and contrast at the end. You can talk about the book and the movie and what you liked and didn’t liked.

4. Send them a love letter

Each one of you write a letter and send it to each other in the mail. You could do this once, daily or however much you want. Facetime when you receive them and open them in front of each other.

5. Make an art project for one another

Find an art project you both want to give to each other. Put your own twist on it.  You can paint, draw, or create a project using the art supplies in your home. Once you are done drop it off at  your loved one and watch the huge smiles on each others faces.