Three Easy Dessert Recipes to Bake


Juliana Ashby , Staff Writer

Here are three quick and easy recipes to bake during quarantine and this winter to warm you up, during the chilly weather while enjoying with friends and family and staying safe!

Sticky toffee pudding with custard is usually consisted of some kind of cake, sponge, or crumble slathered in thick, hot custard. This recipe consists of a brown sugar cake, sweetened with boiled and pureed dates. The dates need to be boiled to soften them. They can then be blitzed in a food processor, or a blender. And always be sure to let the dates cool a little before adding into your blender. When baked, the entire cake gets drenched in toffee sauce and custard for the ultimate winter warmer. This is a delicious and beautiful recipe to try when cooking looking to get warm.

Guinness Chocolate Cake is a rich and flavorful dessert worth your time. You won’t necessarily taste the stout, you will get notes of spice and a much deeper chocolate flavor. Next the cake is topped with a simple cream cheese frosting, this cake has a bold, not too sweet flavor that works so well when looking for a sugary dessert to eat along with a cup of coffee.

Peppermint bark is an easy, delicious, and fast winter treat, to hand out to friends and share with plenty. This recipe uses ready-made almond bark for the base, but can be made using white and dark chocolate if you prefer. Melt your almond bark carefully and spread into your lined baking tin, before allowing it to firm up in the fridge or freezer. The next layer is made from melted Hershey kisses with candy canes giving this dessert a subtle minty flavor. Finally the whole thing gets topped with crushed candy canes for a beautiful red and white treat.