A Return to Normal! Kind of…

Lilja Bjornsson, Staff Writer

Recent communication to students, family, and staff was sent out Friday evening march 5th 2021 by Superintendent Kent Kultgen announcing the return to school plan for secondary education students. Grades 7, 9, and 12 will return the week of March 29th and grades 8-10-11 the week of April 12th. A lot of excitement was brought on by this announcement, however some students and families think the idea of going back to a hybrid learning schedule is unsafe.

Covid-19 safety protocols are being taught and implemented at Glacier Peak for all staff and students VIA a handbook curated by the district and GP admins. But students like Isabel Cherry say “It’s dangerous for the parents, kids could bring home the virus. I don’t think it’s smart” which is reasonable given the unknowns of student to student transmissions rates. Cherry’s concern is valid and hopefully can be assured with the facts presented by the district in the coming weeks.

However most students are excited and we received an overwhelmingly excited response to a post on @AllTheEdge’s Instagram story. Student Chloe Weirsma says “Yes!!! Can’t Wait!” along side student Noreen Bayouk, she says “I’ve never hated going to school so I’m thrilled to be going back!”