Movie Releases

After productions slowed down due to COVID, there have been many movies in the works. Some of these movies have fans waiting very impatiently. One of the biggest ones of the year being Spider Man No Way Home. After Spider-Man’s identity finally being revealed, Peter Parker finds it difficult to separate his normal life from his responsibilities of being a superhero. His life becomes more dangerous after he confides in Doctor Strange for help. He then has to discover what it really means to be Spider-Man. The marvel fans are more than just excited for this movie to come out on December 17. Especially after the trailer was released on Wednesday November 17. “I watched the trailer as soon as it came out and it was so much better than I thought it would be. I’m really excited to go see it in theaters as soon as it comes out,” Camden Gaffney said.

Besides Spider Man, another movie that is more popular with the younger crowd, is Disney’s Encanto. It comes to theaters on Wednesday November 24. However, it is available to stream on Disney plus on December 24 at midnight. Encanto is about a family that lives in the mountains of Columbia in a place called Encanto. The magic of this place has gifted all except one of the children in the family with unique gifts. She then becomes the family’s last hope when they discover that the magic within Encanto is in danger.

Finally, one movie that caused mixed emotions this month was Ghostbusters Afterlife. The movie is about a single mother that moves to a new town with her two children and discovers that their family has a connection the the original ghostbusters and that her grandfather had a secret legacy that he left behind. However, the mixed emotions aren’t with the movie, it’s more of the cast. “I just feel like it’s not the best movie for Paul Rudd to be in. He is a great actor but I feel like this movie isn’t the best style for him. It’s just a strange cast all together and I think that they are great on their own but maybe not all together. Especially for another ghostbusters movie that I don’t really think was necessary to make,” Kari Schroeder said.