MLB Off-Season


Justin Yormark, Staff Writer

MLB free agency is always crazy but this year tons of star players have joined new teams. Some moves seem like no-brainers but some leave fans scratching their heads.  


“Teoscar Hernandez trade was my favorite I feel like the Mariners really need a new outfielder; I do think it is time to give up on Jarred Kelenic.” Karsten Sweum said. 


“The best signing has to have been Trea Turner, 300 million for him is definitely a bargain, he is young has power and he gets on base.” Mr. Devito said. “My favorite trade would be the Teoscar Hernandez trade.” 


“My favorite move mainly because it was so out of the left field was (Jacob) DeGrom to the Rangers because they do not seem like a team that is ready to contend yet they went and signed the best pitcher in baseball,” Mr. Hougan said.  


“I think for teams to sign 30-year-old players to 10–12-year deals make no sense; I mean good for the old guys but there could be younger prospects coming up that are better than them,” Bode Stevenson said.  


“My least favorite move was Trea Turner to the Phillies; I know it was Divito’s favorite, but I wanted (Turner) him on the Mariners,” Mr. Hougan said. 


“Carlos Correa to the Giants was my least favorite move he will have no playing time by the time he is 37 and only in his 7th of 11th year of his contract” Sweum said. 


In up-to-date news Carlos Correa to the Giants did not go through as Carlos Correa did not pass his physical and since Carlos Correa has signed with the Mets, but again there is a concern with his physical. So, Carlos Correa is without a team. This only shows how MLB free agency can be crazy and unpredictable.