Things to do on Valentine’s Day


Photo by Steve Halama

Zachary Shumway, Staff Writer

As Valentine’s day draws closer, you may find yourself running out of ideas on how to make the perfect day for you and your valentine. If you are having trouble coming up with things to do, here are some suggestions.

  • Go to see a movie

Seeing a movie can be a nice relaxing way to spend the day off with your . You can watch one of your own movies from the comfort of your home, or if you want to see the newest movies on Valentine’s day, the nearest movie theater to Glacier Peak is the Regal Theater in Everett, and their website can be viewed here.

  • Walking around downtown Snohomish

Walking around downtown Snohomish can be a quick and simple, yet fun way to spend your Valentine’s day, while also fitting into a tight Valentine’s day budget.

  • Embracing the cold

If you’re a fan of the snow and ice, rather than spending the day indoors, a fun Valentine’s day activity could have you and your valentine anywhere from skiing at Stevens Pass, to snowboarding at Snoqualmie Pass, to skating at the Lynnwood Ice Center. Regardless of your past experiences, getting out into the cold can prove to be a very fun and rewarding way to spend your Valentine’s day off.

  • Engaging in the other’s favorite activities

Whether it be playing games, or riding bikes, spending time doing what your valentine enjoys over your favorite pastimes shows how much you care for them, allowing both of you to be able to have the most enjoyable Valentine’s day possible.