A Cookout to Celebrate the Last BSU Meeting


Honorine Uwase, Staff Writer

Black student Union had it’s last and final meeting Thursday June 1. Instead of having a regular meeting, BSU held a cookout. The cookout was was as a celebration of the end of the year and the welcoming the new officers for the year 2023-2024. It was held at Willis Tucker Community Park from 2:30 to 4:00 p.m. and food and drinks were provided. Everyone was more than welcome to join even if they weren’t part of BSU.

“I really enjoyed the fact that everyone was vibing with each other and just doing whatever they felt like. I felt really comfortable there and I had so much fun everyone was super welcoming. I think BSU should definitely do it again next year! If I could change something I would add some games to play as well like card and board games,”Afshan Munawar said.

The food was a hit, and so were the games.

“My favorite thing is when we all played volleyball together. BSU should do this again I saw some people who are normally really shy come out of their shell and talk to people which was super cool and I think that’s the magic of BSU it makes people incredibly comfortably, and all officers should show up. When BSU does this again I think they should bring water and juice next time otherwise I had an amazing time,,” Amanda Kruel said.

“My best part was rolling up with Ryan and Adrian, and the chips were bomb. Mrs. Veach was a G.O.A.T, she showed up for everything and made sure people were having fun. She offered you food immediately when you came in. Everyone was super nice even though most of them didn’t know who I was. The only thing was that the cookout was two hours and for a cookout that’s nothing! I feel like a good amount of time is four hours, you can also watch the sunset, and bring more sports games like basketball,” Gurkamal Brar said.

All in all this cookout appeared to be a success for BSU with a potential for being hosted again next year.