Sandy Hook Promise PSA Examines Important Issues, But Organization Makes It Difficult to Find Helpful Resources and Information

Sanyd Hook Promise

Alec Mullen-DeLand, Staff Writer

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Sandy Hook Promise

Sandy Hook Promise recently released a saddening but important video about the reality of school shootings in America.  The video begins like a classic back-to-school department store commercial, but quickly grows darker and becomes disturbing.

The Sandy Hook Promise organization used this PSA to bring attention to the signs of violence in schools, and concludes the video with a message to go to the organization’s website to find out more.  However, the information they advertise is extremely difficult to find, and viewers are required to jump through hoops to learn necessary and important information to grant themselves safety.  Just to be able to obtain advertised life-saving information, users are asked to send personal information and sign up.

If the organization cares so much about the lives of school children, they should make these resources more accessible and available to all.

What is easy to find is the big, flashy “DONATE NOW” link at the top of the webpage.  Although this “charity” uses most of their donations to work on programs and help the community, Sandy Hook Promise workers are not volunteers, and do make money directly from that donation button.

Based off of the inaccessibility of the website and the profit that the company makes from donations, I am suspicious of the Sandy Hook Promise.

WARNING: This video contains graphic content that some viewers may find disturbing.

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