The Speed Bump Menace


Kimberly Freitas, Staff Writer

It’s already been a few weeks since they put those speed bumps our parking lot, but the madness has in no way died down.

There were perhaps those select few speedsters in our cramped parking lot, but was this really the best solution? As one who hears about most of the gossip and happenings in our school, I can say that speeding incidents never been truly a problem.

Here’s the deal Glacier Peak Staff; we already had speed bumps in the walking area. Speed bumps that were placed in well-thought out places. “Who decided to put the speed bumps in front of a stop sign? That’s just straight up wrong,” Tyler Kring said. One already must slow down for a stop sign, so there really was no point there. Though the staff may have thought students do not care less about stop signs, you’d be surprised how most of us students actually care about not crashing our cars. They’re pretty much the only freedom some of us have in this day and age.

I’m sure you only have the safety of students in mind, yet when was the last time there was a crash in our parking lot due to speeding? This seems more of a power move than a solution to a real problem. “The speeding problem isn’t even that bad, it’s not worth making already traffic ridden parking lot worse for everyone just for the actions of a few. The speed bumps slow the line into school, making mornings all the more difficult,” Baily Schaefer said. There is already an issue with all the parents dropping off their children (who could be taking the bus instead), and now this.

In this whole year, there has been only been one case where a student got a ticket for their speeding. That was months ago, yet now as a result, every student has to feel their car rupture at the seismic level of 6.5 just to get to a parking space.