Next Year’s Musical Predictions


Elizabeth Shapley, Staff Writer

This year’s spring musical ‘The Little Mermaid’ just completed closing weekend. For a lot of people, that means the wait begins for next year’s musicals. But what will they be? Freshman Sage Touchette has some ideas. “I think there is a good chance of it being Hello Dolly. I think it would be such a fun show to do and there is lots of singing which is very exciting!” said Touchette.

The last two musicals have been Disney, and some are thinking they might continue this trend. “Yeah! I honestly don’t know what we’re going to do next year, anything would be fun, but probably something from Disney because Disney has a nice catalog. I think they’ll pick something that the masses want to do, so there can be more people joining and enjoying the craziness that is this program!” said Rowan Latch.

While some think Disney, others think they will mix it up this coming year. “I think Little Shop of Horrors would be a sick show to do next year, we have such talented people that would be able to do it perfectly and set is always so amazing along with costumes,” said Abby Savage. “But it’s also not a male heavy show…which is going to be a small issue next year with the girls overpowering guys in numbers,” said Savage.

Mylie Durham has high hopes for something more classic. “I think we should do Grease. It’s a very well-known musical that will thrill the audience to see. Along with this it also has some amazing songs and lots of dance opportunities! This musical is very upbeat and has something for everyone,” said Durham.

Junior Cole Harbak has been involved in theater for quite some time and has some insightful thoughts. “I think Christmas Carol has a high probability for next fall. Lots of talk about it and the music and story are solid. For spring I’m not so sure. I kinda want to do Percy Jackson as it’s a good show with good music and obviously a good story. I think we could do a great production of the show as well,” said Cole Harbak.

Some people new to theater don’t have a big idea but they’ve heard talk from some upperclassmen. “I don’t really know musicals so I don’t have any sort of idea, I know Cole was talking about Percy Jackson and a Christmas Carol though. I think the fact that there’s gonna be a lot more girls than guys is just a little funny, I mean it gives me a better chance to get a good role, but it will be strange,” said Christian Shields.