Parent Parking at GP


Brody Studley, Staff Writer

Parents of students don’t make the most intelligent decisions behind the wheel in the parking lots. “I think the parents don’t understand the zipper maneuver you have to do in parking lots,” Avery Main said. Students are taught how to merge one car into a line and then merge another car from another line to make one complete line that makes up the lane that leaves the parking lot. Parents hug up on each other and won’t let other drivers merge.

The parents either haven’t been taught properly or aren’t using what they learned all those years ago about crowded parking lots, and they need to be properly taught to be safe and be more patient with student or younger drivers. Makena Porter is frustrated with the drop-off line in the mornings. “They always pull into the main spots near the gym and into handicapped spots. They always stop in front of cars which stops them from pulling out,” she said.

Parents should realize that when they pulled into spots that aren’t reserved for them, they are stopping students from getting to class on time. Bella Lewis has an idea for the congestion after school. “They should learn the rules of the student parking lot. They don’t know them, and they slow everybody down because of it,” she said. When the parents don’t know the rules and they make wrong turns, or they block the intersection, they slow everybody down from getting into school, or they stop us from leaving.

The parents should know what to do in the parking lot, and if they don’t, they should learn what to do. Students and parents should be more patient with each other and realize that neither of us is perfect and we just need time.