Tennis Girls Go Off To State


The varsity girls tennis team made it to districts after a winning season, even with the terrible weather conditions. They split the victory in a three way tie with Kamiak and Jackson, for the WESCO 4A Championship then went straight to districts the following week. The districts competition took place on May 17 and 18 at Glacier Peak High School. Students Skylr Allen, Allie Jansen, Cathy Nguyen, Kayla Long, Annabelle Nicoletti, and Maddy Henningsen all participated in this competition. 


Doubles partners Skylr and Allie played together for the first time during these matches. “Playing in districts was super fun! Me and Skylr were both singles players so it was very different to play doubles, but we just had to adapt and we learned that keeping each other in the right mindset was very important. Keeping each other light, worked for us well. It’s very excited going to state now. Especially for me as a sophomore, it’s pretty dope,” Jansen said.


Jansen and Skylr compliment each other’s style of play.  “Districts was super fun, Allie and I had never played doubles together before so it was a challenge but I’m glad we pulled through. The first two matches were quick and we enjoyed the easy win but the challenge match was a roller coaster. Although we didn’t didn’t take the spot we wanted we are happy that we qualified for state,” Allen said. The duo then moved forward to state in Tri-Cities on May 26 and 27. 


Cathy Nguyen is a senior and after playing doubles for three years, she finally decided to get out of her comfort zone and play singles at districts. “I honestly was super nervous considering I was the only singles player who hadn’t played singles in the normal season, it was also a lot different than anything I was used to. it required more consistency and I couldn’t rely on anyone else. I only had myself which was a good and a bad thing because if I messed up I only disappointed myself. I think I did pretty well considering I won one of my matches which is crazy because like I said it was my first time playing singles ever, against someone who played all season. Going into it I only had the intention of having fun and enjoy my last chance of playing tennis in high school,” Nguyen said.  


Sophomore Maddy Henningsen who played singles three on the varsity team, took up the opportunity to play at districts as well. She played hard and made it through, winning one out of three of her matches. “I think it was pretty exhausting, you would play 2-3 matches a day and could have only like 30 minutes to rest. Or you would have like and hour to wait so it was a very long day. Like day one I played one match that lasted like two hours then my second match was I think 4 hours long,” Henningsen said. 


 All the girls pushed through and in the end left with a few wins all together, and with their doubles one team moving on to the state competition losing their first and third matches, but winning their second. The overall season was very successful for the varsity girls especially with their victory against Jackson. The coach of Jackson’s varsity girls team, was also coach Lee’s tennis coach, back when she attended Jackson high school. So, the victory against her very own coach left her feeling so proud of her team. After the season has come to an end, the girls say goodbye to not only their teacher but also their coach, as Lee takes on new opportunities with her teaching career.