Track and Field Goals


Jordan Gaffney, Yearbook Staff

After over 180 athletes competed last year, the boys and girls track and field hopes to kick off their 2023 season with a returning group of a similar size. This spring season, the program is full of high hopes as they return to competing. The track and field program has new coaches, including sprint coaches Cristine and Brent Willems and hurdles coach Markobi, and last year’s distance coach, David Weed, is now the head coach of the entire program. These coaches will help all athletes to not only be better in their track and field focus, but also better athletes in general. While the athletes will miss their old coaches, it is always good to have a new set of eyes and extra help.

All of these new coaches are making sure that each and every athlete is working hard during pre-season. “I focused first on conditioning because every track athlete needs to have good endurance,” Coach Markobi said.

Many of the returning athletes are hoping to use this conditioning to get a new personal record this season, either by running their fastest, throwing their farthest, or jumping their highest. “I’m looking forward to state for sure and just being with the team and working out together. I am hoping to run under 12 seconds in the 100m and a low 25 second 200m,” senior sprinter Jana Willems said.

Junior distance runner Joachim Jakuc is putting in the hard work to come out with new personal records. “I am looking forward most to running the 800m in districts and state as I am hoping to go sub two minutes. I am also looking to get closer to 50 seconds in the 400m,” Jakuc said. 

Junior jumper Chloe Wiersma is also looking forward to having a great season. “I am most looking forward to getting to be with all the people on the team and also all the competitions, I am hoping to get 4.10′ feet in high jump,” Wiersma said.

Each and every athlete has high hopes for this season. The coaches are excited for what is to come, especially as the first practice went underway on Monday, Feb. 27, resulting in a turnout of several new athletes from all grades. Since then, the team has had a couple meets, with so many more to come. It is shaping up to be a fun season for the track and field program.