Never Have I Ever Season 4


Audrey Miller, Staff Writer

On June 8, Netflix releases season 4 of their original TV show, “Never Have I Ever.” On June 1 the cast and invited individuals came to watch the season premiere in LA’s Westwood Village. Fans that follow Netflix on Instagram got invited to a broadcast channel in which the premiere was announced, and polls were held about being team ‘Benvi’ or what the best first-date food is. On top of the polls, Netflix sent out videos from the premiere, of interviews with the actors and actresses.

In past seasons we’ve seen main character, Devi, go through ups and downs with her friends, boyfriends, and family. Season 3 left us with seeing Devi get with Ben before the episode ended. Leaving us now to wonder, are they going to be a thing in the future? Or is it just because of the “One free bionk” note that she exchanged with him?

In the season 4 trailer, Devi announces that her senior year is going to be amazing because she and her friends are going to be “fearless” women. After this statement she yells at her friends to hide her from Ben, after their abrupt ending to them spending the night together. We see things that suggest Paxton is a super senior and a quick scene of him and Devi close together.

Clips of a new ‘hottie’ kid is shown, and Devi’s friend Eleanor comments on how long his torso is. All of her friend group is obviously swooning over him. Later in the trailer, Devi is shown sitting on his lap for a quick second, suggesting that there may be some sort of relationship there.

The final stretch of the trailer is voiced by Devi’s mom, saying how change is uncomfortable but necessary, Devi is shown looking at a suitcase sadly. Following this sequence there is a bunch of clips of everyone partying, Devi talking to her therapist, Ben climbing through a window and laying in bed with Devi, etc.

A lot of things can be assumed from this trailer, but scenes can be twisted and edited, so we will officially know Thursday June 8 if any of these assumptions are true.